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Saturday 5 September 2020

September - takes some beating!

 I can delve into my early angling diaries and see that, even back then, September was THE MONTH to be on the bank. Having long since discovered the delights of so many other facets of wildlife interaction, September remains a month which holds much anticipation for me. Although no longer caring about things which were seemingly important way back then, instead, I now simply seek to enjoy those experiences which present themselves as the years rapidly pass by.  

I use this image of a Vestal for no other reason than to indicate my desire to get back into
recording the moths that are attracted to my garden. 
Watkins & Doncaster will shortly be receiving my request for a 125 w MV Robinson Trap.

Out in the garden for much of the day, I was to witness the first signs of autumnal migration. Certainly nothing to get excited about, it was still nice to be outside watching migrating birds that will have been missed by the vast majority of my neighbours. Wood Pigeons apart, which were moving steadily westwards in dribs and drabs throughout the day, all other species failed to make double figures! I finished the day, well the gardening, with the following totals. Common Buzzard - five (3S 2W), Sparrowhawk - three, Kestrel - two, Hobby - one adult, Raven - four (family party?), Siskin - seven West, Swallow - two South and the first Meadow Pipit, since lockdown was announced, went West! BWKm0 number 68! I wasn't finished there, oh no! A Curlew flew north, just before mid-day adding another species to the list, crazy! Robins are noisily announcing their presence along the gardens of Vine Close, so migrants swelling the ranks I guess?

Three Common Pipistrelles were hunting the garden hedgerow, as dusk fell and presented another whimsicle challenge. Do I have the ability to get a photo? Might require a bit of Youtube research before I can answer this one. With the hedgehogs continuing to provide nightly entertainment and stimulus to push my camera skills beyond what's comfortable, if I don't try, I'll never know? There's nothing to lose in giving it bash. What's the worst thing to happen? I don't get a photo - boo hoo!

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