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Sunday 13 September 2020

Buzzing in the garden

 It was a comment by Ric Francis, a fellow Tring syndicate member during the 1980's, about the population status of Common Buzzards within the eastern counties of the UK which had me outside, early doors, this morning. Their distribution has dramatically spread eastwards, even since Bev and I moved into our bungalow. Yeah! - they were not so Common Buzzards at the start of this millennium, yet in two decades have managed to establish sustainable breeding populations in many counties where previously they had been absent. It was a beautiful autumnal day, the sun blazing down through a thin layer of high cloud. The first Common Buzzard was seen heading south, just after 09.10 hrs, and was the precursor of a steady passage of these superb raptors over the Newlands farmland. By 15.45 hrs I'd recorded eighteen migrants plus the resident pair going about their routine. I had the camera kit to hand for the entire period and managed to get some rather pleasing images of the birds as they passed over the garden. Other bits included a few Meadow Pipits, early doors, a trickle of Siskin, four Swallow, three Sparrowhawk, four Kestrel and a lone Grey Wagtail. 

This was a bit of a weird one. Three Buzzards were circling to the
north of Vine Close when this drone appeared in their midst.
The Buzzards didn't bat an eye-lid continuing on their way. 
I have no idea who was flying this device, even less the quality of
the camera kit housed within? If they got some photos, they should be 

It wasn't all about the sky, other bits that drew my attention were subject to the long lens treatment with varying results.

All in all a very enjoyable day spent within the low carbon footprint - how very PC? 

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