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Wednesday 21 August 2019

Garden Starling update

Just home from work and discovered an email from the BTO pertaining to the ringed Starling that was at our feeding station last week. This is what I've received

Ringing Scheme: London Ring Number: LK37249 Species of bird: Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)
This bird was ringed by East Kent Wildlife Group as age juvenile (passerines only), sex unknown on 28-Jun-2019 12:05:00 at Elizabeth Carter Avenue, Deal, Kent, UK
OS Map reference TR3551 accuracy 0, - co-ordinates 51deg 13min N 1deg 22min E accuracy 0.
It was found on 15-Aug-2019 time unknown at Dumpton, Kent, UK
OS Map reference TR3867 accuracy 0, - co-ordinates 51deg 21min N 1deg 25min E accuracy 0.
Finding condition: Sight record by non-ringer
Finding circumstances: Metal Ring Read In Field
Extra Information: -
It was found 48 days after it was ringed, 16 km from the ringing site, direction NNE.
Not much, as I'm sure you'll agree, but it does add something to our understanding of bird behavior and a little bit of sparkle to the simple pleasure of recording the wildlife in/around the garden


  1. Totally unrelated Dylan, but just endured Chris Packham waffling on about Beavers in the UK and the only place they are wild is in remote west Scotland, He was excited that he got within 30 meters of one! And even though he saw a cub, Please take him out on the Kentish Flatlands fishing!! Enjoy your Blogs, I have started recognizing the wild life whist fishing more so since. Regfards Phil

    1. Hi Phil,
      Chris Packham spouts an awful lot of, ill-informed, and highly biased, nonsense about the wildlife situations that exist within the UK. Whilst I have no axe to grind with the guy, I'd rather visit the dentist than spend time in his company. Quite why the European Beavers in Scotland are any more "wild" than those in Devon or Kent, I'm at a loss?
      Getting within 30m of a Beaver, what's all that about? Out on the marsh I'm often within a rod length!
      Thanks for the comment - take care - Dylan