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Saturday 31 March 2018

A new venue

The Easter break means fours days away from the factory, thus an opportunity to cast a line at some point during the holiday period. Family commitments and some chores to be done, around the bungalow, pointed towards today as the day I could get out without messing up any of the plans. The Wantsum AA control Marshside Fishery and allow day ticket anglers to use the club facilities at very reasonable rates, and this includes night sessions on both Scroggin's and Homersham Lakes. Situated out on the Chislet Marshes, just south of Reculver, this fishery offers some great angling along with outstanding views across the surrounding mashland.

I fished Homersham today and have to admit that, although happy with my bait and rig presentation, an inability to locate any carp meant that I struggled. I eventually managed to snare a small "scamp" common, but didn't make the most of my angling time. It was a chance meeting with a club member that gave me a greater insight into the fishery potential and offered an alternative approach to fish finding on the, rather featureless, venue.

The "scamp" with a Mainline "Diamond White" pop-up on the landing net.
I know that it isn't going to produce the carp which I so desire, but will allow me chance to experiment with rigs and bait as there is an evening ticket available which is perfect for my early shift finishing time. I can get home, feed the aviary and still get a few hours in, without the need to drive excessive distances.

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  1. One of my fav waters had a few nice grassies off the surface , great meeting you all at awe :)