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Friday 2 March 2018

A simple question? The computer says No!

The time is almost up, I collect my Nissan NV200 panel van tomorrow, and needed to sort out some insurance, prior to the event. I'd assumed that a simple policy transfer between the Mazda 5 and this new purchase would be a straight forward process and completed with a few taps on my insurer's key-pad! Nothing in life is that simple - it's a "commercial" so requires a different policy! No it's not, it's a bloody fishing motor, exactly the same as the MPV, just it doesn't have any rear seats or windows! Arguing with my broker was a pointless exercise, they were doing their job, as best they knew how (always been good enough until today) and I came to the conclusion that I was, in fact, now in that "computer says no!" world of David Walliams and Little Britain.
I have no idea how many (carp) anglers now drive vans (VW Transporters if you're in vogue?) yet, surely there must be a niche insurance market for such vehicles?  I know that Korda attempted a dabble in tackle insurance, a few years back - a folly. Angler's van insurance, in 2018, must have some market value? In the meantime, I'm now paying an extra £130/annum, for a van with a smaller engine and five less seats - just to go fishing!


  1. It's an actuary problem Dyl. All about the risk of claim. The insurers put a higher premium on vans for the basic reason they get more claims on them.
    I do a gardening job, but I only use a car to do it with. I did that to start with because a car is what I had. A van would make more sense until I discovered that every guy I met with a van had a problem with thieves. Even when parked up in broad daylight the vans would be targeted. Put me right off. I've not had any of that with a car, so I'll keep things as they are.

  2. Welcome to the world of insurance Dyl. I never could understand the mentality behind whoever underwrites these policy’s. On the occasions I have had contact with insurers I have learned that it’s all about getting more “Cash” although they will quote things like “risk”! it’s all BS M8. You can’t beat them so guess we have to join em.