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Thursday, 1 March 2018

My room with a view

The BBC weather forecast, for Dumpton, couldn't be more wrong if they'd forecast a heatwave. Grey skies and a severe easterly gale, with temperatures hovering around zero. Not a bit of it! It's -4C and snow is falling steadily, the wind brisk, but nothing close to the 45 mph predicted. There'd be a lot of unemployed weather forecasters if it was a results driven business?

Looking west, through the kitchen window, at the feeding station, the aviary and
Newlands Farm, beyond.
Any, pre-shift, outdoor activity was quickly ruled out by the simple ploy of looking out of the window in the kitchen door! I made the effort to replenish the feeding station and provide some fresh water in the bird bath, sort out the aviary, before retreating to the comfort of the kitchen; coffee to hand. I've not attempted any photography this morning, the snow is swirling around and sticking to the window, thus making it even less receptive to obtaining decent images than normal. I did, however, spend some time, yesterday, pointing the cameras through the glass and managed to get a few images that capture the feel of the present situation. Not that it's much different from anywhere else within the UK?

I will put up with mice taking advantage of the food put out for the birds. Rats? I draw the line and grab my Webley Mk III


  1. I too shoot my rats Dyl. Its not something I like doing, but its humane and much more selective than poison. I have had about 30 since last April but I seem to be on top of it now, with only one kill this year plus one other seen...I see myself as a big Barn Owl!

    1. Nice to hear from you mate, I think we've been down this road before? I don't know what it is about rats, but they certainly have that effect that makes humans wanting to play God? I like mice, tolerate Feral Rock Doves, a wild Brown Rat - shoot the bastard! Completely at odds with the majority of my feelings towards the creatures that share my space - weird? There has been occasion when I had to resort to poison, but wasn't at all happy with the indiscriminate nature of the method and have steered clear of a repeat situation. I have not pointed the Mk III in the direction of a rat so far this winter, so it's looking like they are keeping to the farmland, rather than exploiting my generosity at the feeding station. All the best - Dyl

  2. Deffo 40mph+ here Dylan. The roads have been blocked for 2 days. Mostly snow drifts but the hills (yes we do have them in Norfolk) have also been no go's. Even for somee of the more cocky 4x4 drivers who have ended up off road insdveretently. 50 miles West and good friend TT has hardly any real snow.

    1. BB, the wind has picked up during the afternoon and those BBC bods have revised their forecasts accordingly. Our roads are icy, away from the bus routes, yet we have had relatively little snow - 2 inches max! Expecting some more overnight and then there is the possibility of some serious stuff during Friday afternoon/early evening - then rain; Fishing on Sunday! Snow melt might be a problem, but I want to get out in the new van - I pick it up on Saturday - for a test session. The Royal Military Canal looks favourite and I have three sections to choose from, all with decent prospects - Dyl