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Friday, 10 June 2016

Windows of opportunity

As the magical 16th approaches, so my thoughts are starting to focus on a return to the East Kent marshes and their drains. So much to do, in so little time, but there is a glimmer of hope - fate has dealt me an Ace! Work have been brilliant, allowing me to swap shifts to cover for looking after Dad, on Tuesday, and I've got the 16th already booked as holiday. Bev is ever supportive, and it would seem that this coming "Opening Night" I might be able to rekindle the excitement of yesteryear? Those halcyon days when I'd be encamped on the banks of Wilstone awaiting the mid-night chimes, of a distant church clock, before making that first cast of a new season. Back then I'd be one of several, equally obsessed, anglers; bivvied up and eagerly awaiting the "off". Not so in in 2016 - it will be, very much, a solo pageant.

Home, Sweet Home - an original "Brolly Camp" circa June 1985
"Cyanide Strait" - Wilstone Reservoir, Tring, Herts.
To this end, I've made a few visits to The Ash Levels, recently, to check out swim potential and look for signs of fish. Weed growth is very prominent, despite our relatively cool Spring, and I haven't made any decisions, as yet, on my baiting strategy. I have this weekend to come up with a plan and get some freebies into my chosen areas prior to Wednesday evening. One consideration, which has never previously been an issue, is the proximity of snags. This is purely due to the fact that I will be using the split cane Mk IV's and, therefore, unwilling to subject them to the same level of abuse as I would my Duncan Kay's; which, although being of a very similar test curve, and action, are made from carbon fibre. I am just the temporary custodian of these iconic rods and hope I'll be able to pass them on to Benno, in good order, when such time comes. Trying to drag a big, wild, carp out of a lily-pad ain't the most respectful way of treating them, and certainly not what Dick Walker had originally designed them for!

As things stand, I have a decent chance of getting a few sessions in during the next ten days. The weather will play a far greater role than work commitments, that's for sure. Intermingled with this scenario is ensuring that Dad remains OK, so I don't have total freedom to do as I please, but I do have more windows of opportunity than is normal - and I'll happily settle for that.

A photo from a dusty old album, sat on my bookshelf - November 8th 1983 - Stanborough Lake.
 A cracking little Mirror of 16lbs 1 oz.
The season 1983/84 was my one and only that I spent with carp as my main target species. I ended that
campaign with five twenties, I've only had another two since and that is something I hope to improve upon
during this current, split cane, project.
My previously stated target, of forty doubles, might well be way off the mark, but four twenties (including a thirty) is still, very much, a possibility - I'm a quarter of the way there already! A PB would be a result and that's certainly possible, given my choice of venues. Watch this space!

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