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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Back on track

I've managed to fit in a couple of overnight sessions at Sandwich and taken three carp from six bites, with two missed chances and a hook pull. Both the missed fish were off before I reached the rods and the hook pull almost certainly due to a scamp and barbless hook situation - my lead didn't eject. However, I've now got that out of my system and am ready for a return to some "proper" angling. I've a rather hectic 24 hours, including two eight hour shifts, lates then earlies, coming up before I can start to gear myself for that mid-night start, on 16th June.

Last night's swim on the East Bank, fishing directly into the wind on Victory (Carp Puddle!) Lake
I took a few shots of my gear and the venue, just to attempt to relay a feel of the place for anyone thinking of giving it a go. Commercials aren't to everyone's taste, but if you just want a pleasant atmosphere, some decent fish and to waste a few hours, then Sandwich Coarse Fishery certainly fits the bill.

The sign of "The Devil"

Good enough for a single night, in moderate conditions. I wouldn't want to test it out in anything approaching severe.
By using the kit in this manner, the brolly, bedchair and sleeping bag are perfectly serviceable, despite that CK logo!

A scraper double Common - in bloody good nick for a commercial!

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