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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Commercial break

It's been twelve days since I last had a bite from a carp; so time for a session at Sandwich Coarse Fishery. I called in, this morning, and got myself an over-nighter booked, no problems as England are playing Russia in the Euro's tonight and there are plenty of free swims available. Just got to get Dad sorted out and then I'm on it!
Benno and I were out at silly o'clock this morning - I took a bream, of 3 or 4 lbs, for my troubles. We've still not had a carp in June, thus far, and it's not for want of trying, this was our, combined, seventh session this month. We knew it wasn't going to be easy, but the rewards are there if we can stick to our plans. However, as fishing is my hobby, not my job, the occasional session at a commercial is just what I need to recharge my enthusiasm. Sandwich fits the bill perfectly. Nice vibe, good facilities, the chance of a PB carp and en route to Dad's -  bloody perfect!
It's a barbless hook and no lead core rules fishery, so I have to adapt my set-up accordingly. Back leads and Korda Sub-line straight through to my lead system and terminal rig - no big deal, especially at the ranges I fish at. I've got 5kg of particles boiled up (I'll use some out on the marsh as pre-bait tomorrow), my hook baits are chick peas, maize, maples and black-eyed suzies, all glugged up in a Banoffee dip; can't fail?
In all the time that I've been visiting Sandwich, I have yet to see another angler using particles - fact! No wonder I am so confident, these fish are completely off their guard when feeding over a bed of "party mix" and my offerings are readily accepted. Let's see how clever I am, cum tomorrow morning? I do have one other string to my bow, but it is something that young Tom Spence came up with, therefore I'm not at liberty to divulge but, I am rather intrigued by the concept and will record my thoughts once I've had time to experiment.


  1. Dyl, I might not understand the terminology and philosophy behind your angling exploits, but I enjoy reading about them all the same. Cheers, Steve

  2. Steve, not to worry about my angling waffle - just happy that you're onboard for the ride! - Dyl