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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Silly mistake

Those two sessions at Sandwich Coarse Fishery were a success, in as much as I caught some carp and had a play around with a couple of particle presentations which I'd tweaked slightly. I fished my rigs over my standard "munga" mix but had added a tin of flaked tuna, in brine, to enhance the attraction - all very carpy! It is this factor which may have, inadvertently, resulted in the unwanted attention of eels on "Opening Night". It is quite possible that they were attracted by the tuna, not the curried chickpeas, to my swim and were simply picking up the fish flavoured seeds of my party mix? An oversight which will not be repeated - if, however, I continue to attract eels, then I'll know it's the curry they want and have a rethink about my bait choices.
I'm back out tomorrow morning, pre-work, for another early session and have been tank testing a couple of set-ups which I hope will give me an edge. I am back to using lead core as it gives me a far better terminal presentation, than standard fluorocarbon, and this also means that I can fish without back leads. I'm fishing less than three rod lengths out so, if I use ultra lightweight indicators, lead core will suffice to ensure confidence that I couldn't do any more to present my hook bait better?

My maize rig - a size 6 Korda Curve Shank hook and two grains of maize with a plastic "pop-up" topper.
The hook laying flat is assisted in the rig mechanics by the blob of "Dark Matter" putty just below the eye. It
is a very aggressive presentation which I have absolute confidence in.
My current chickpea set-up. There is a BB shot on the hook link, below a size 10
 "Wide Gape" - the bait is buoyant enough to lift the hook point, the shot
 is positioned to ensure an aggressive hooking potential,should the bait get
picked up.
My two rod limit, is purely due to the restrictive nature of the venue, not a ruling by the EA - I have no problem with this situation, two rods are plenty under these circumstances. I 'm under no illusion that these East Kent drains will produce a thirty - they certainly have the mystery factor I seek in my angling, at this stage in my journey. Another twenty pound "wildie" will do - split cane, Mk IV, and Mitchell 300's - what more could I want?

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