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Sunday, 26 June 2016

A magnificent brace

Just got home after my latest session, out on "The Levels" and what a result I've had. I'd watched the Wales v's Northern Ireland game round at Dad's before heading off to a secluded drain where I planned to fish into dark - around three hours, or so. I parked my car at 19.00 hrs and had baited my swim and got both rods out by 19.50 hrs. My plan being to stay until 23.00 hrs before calling it a day.
Split cane Mk IV's, Mitchell 300's, in conjunction with Redmire alarms and
home made hangers - how much more disrespectful could I be?
My left hand rod was baited with double chick pea (flavoured with a Tom Spence concoction) the right hander with two grains of maize and a plastic IB pop-up. My munga was the regular "party mix" minus the shredded tuna - all good stuff?  Within an hour I had a 19 lbs 4 oz Common, on the chick peas. It was still light and the selfies were relatively easy. I had a second fish at 22,45 hrs, just as I was preparing to pack up. Again on the chick peas, this time my efforts with a, misted up, camera were pitiful - which is a shame as that fish span the needle round to 20 lbs 9 oz!

The 19 lbs 4 oz fish
I'm exceedingly fortunate to have captured many big fish, so not getting a decent photo isn't the end of the world. Still gutted, it was a magnificent fish and put up a real scrap on my ancient tackle.

A pathetic, token, record shot of a magnificent wild twenty pound Common. (20 lbs 9 oz)

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