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Monday, 6 June 2016

A strange little critter

Out again at a ridiculously early hour, this morning, in a vain attempt to trick a carp into taking my bait (maize and chickpeas, plus added extras) Almost the first bird I saw, in the half light of dawn, was a Hobby chasing moths above the water's surface, a good start but that was about as exciting as it got! My bite alarms remained silent and it was down to a Caddis Fly that anything of note occurred once the sun got up. When I first saw it, I immediately thought that I was watching a "Longhorn moth sp." Not so, as when I was able to get a proper look, it became obvious the insect was clearly not a moth, but something different and outside any previous experience.

The Caddis Fly - Mystacides longicornis
My ID is based on information gleaned from a very battered copy of Chinnery - The Collins Pocket Guide: Insects of Britain & Western Europe.

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