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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Legend and Warrior

A true Giant of Heavy Metal - RIP Lemmy you lived your dream and never waivered in your beliefs.
There are few who can claim to have never sold out - he is certainly one; who brought a lot of happiness to masses of music fans around the globe. I am but one of millions who have been touched
by his thunderous bass playing, gruff voice and incredible volume.
A sad day for all fans of the genre.


  1. Yes Dyl.
    He was an 'Ace' (in) 'Spades'.

    1. I admired him because of his total belief in what he was and what he was doing. An individual, almost without equal, in the mad world of rock music. Not the most talented musician I've ever seen, but boy, Motorhead certainly knew how to put on a show. The industry won't see another like him in a long time?