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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Monday, 21 December 2015

A Blogger's perogative

This blogging lark has many facets, I personally see it as an arena where my opinions can be shared with anyone interested enough to log on. My opinions; on my blog - surely nothing too radical in this concept? This I do, with no doubts about the rights of other individuals to hold differing view points. As with almost every subject I can think of, there will be no right and wrong way of looking at them, it will all come down to personal opinions, hopefully based upon knowledge and/or experiences.
Although I have never deliberately gone out of my way (The Non-conformist blog excepted!) to seek confrontation, there is no way that I would shy away from saying something about a situation that caused me to think - good or bad.
Some of my stuff could certainly have been worded better, but seemed to fit the bill at the time of writing. What Google need to offer us guys is a calm down app. Before you hit the publish button; take a deep breath and think is this really what you wish to say? On the other hand, after six cans of Stella - who gives a toss?
Steve, Gavin, Derek and I are involved in a round of comments, on our various blogs, which only helps to demonstrate the common ground held by four very different individuals. As for bottling it - I missed the post, but get the drift. I'd have done similar if, on reflection. I felt unhappy with anything I had posted. Four more shifts till Christmas and a decent break, the Annual Review is taking shape, in the draft folder and I'm confident that there will be a few other offerings before 2016. It has been my most prolific year, so far, in terms of blogging and I've really enjoyed myself. One or two rants along the way - hey ho; such is life! Toodle Pip - Dyl


  1. Spot on Dylan.
    I could have used the Calm Down app on occasion!

  2. First rule of blogging is definitely not to do so whilst drunk. The drunk me says a lot of things the sober me might not. Or rather, the drunk me might say them differently, and probably not in a good way. You could end up with some hilarious posts, or you could end up with some "please ground swallow me now" posts. I think we all post things we regret at one time or another, that's life. I have a certain back catalogue myself....and the "magic" of the internet means that they will never go away ever!

    1. I'm just off to work - will offer my thoughts when I get home, some time after 22.00 hrs. Cheers for making the comment - the more the merrier! - Dyl

    2. Blogging whilst under the influence of alcohol - is there any other way? The curse of the loose cannon within us all I'm afraid. Some of the stuff I wrote in my earlier, Non-conformist, blog makes me cringe - how could I? All part of life's rich pageant and responsible, in part, for me being who I am today. There are lessons here for all of us, but will we learn? I very much doubt it. Thanks again for taking time to comment - Dylan

  3. Well said Dylan, makes perfect sense but you do realise that we're very much a minority these days. We're far out-numbered by all the lovey-dovey, back slapping bloggers who regularly slag off other countryside users but do not have it in their nature to be able to accept contrary opinions by return, especially from people from outside of their cosy little circles.

  4. Another fine year of the Esox brand! Keep posting Dyl, I always come back for more!

  5. Called into Blogger for the first time for ages and what do I find?
    Dylan writing on "A Blogger's Perogative"! I like the idea of a calm-down app.

    While writing....
    Dylan - have a good Christmas, and maybe see you on the pier one day when the weather is more inclement;
    Steve - ditto, and don't forget to call in on us sometime soon, and
    Jonathan - thanks for good info on Tenerife! We roamed around withn your notes in hand.

    Good to see you're keeping the blog-fires burning guys!

  6. Gavin, Steve G, Steve C & Derek - many thanks for taking the trouble to pass comment. I am sure that this post states the obvious, but it's out there and up for discussion. If our blogging was ruled by PC police it would be a very sterile medium. Thankfully they are not an influence and we remain free to offer our thoughts, as we see fit, via the wonders of this technology. It is for our own conscience to decide if we've over-stepped the mark, allowed an emotion to become personal or aloof? We're all adults, hopefully capable of accepting mistakes in our own judgement and in that of others. I'm becoming very Sage-like; time for another beer!
    All the best guys - Dyl

  7. I like the cut of this man’s jib!

    Having followed and wholeheartedly toughly enjoyed your blogging over the years Dylan, I personally wouldn’t have it any other way!

    You and I share much I common my fellow Brother of the Angle

    Very Best Wishes to you and yours

    Andy Larkins

    1. Andy - how the devil are you? I'm not sure that it's a wise statement to "share much in common" with a bloody yeti - you've done it now. Hope all is well with you and yours - all the best and tight lines - Dyl