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Monday 28 December 2015

A pleasant morning out

I returned to the drain, that I'd fished on Boxing Day, purely because I'd deposited the remaining dead baits into the swim(s) before I left on Saturday - thus I had pre-baited? It is something I haven't used with my passed pike angling efforts, although Neville Fickling was extolling the benefits of such actions, way back in the 1980's - he actually used these tactics to create his own "hot-spots" in some of the gravel pits he fished.
Any how, I struggled today and yet feel that I can answer most of my own questions? As I stated, on Boxing Day, the venue is not one where I expect to catch any really big fish, thus I might have already given this population of pike more food than they require - it being unfair to expect continued action when the fish have recently fed. The wonderful clear blue skies and bright sun-light didn't help and then there was the general lack of a breeze, thus rendering the surface of the drain glassy calm, although a breeze picked up later in the day. I saw two Barn, and a single Short-eared, Owls; obviously taking advantage of the calm conditions to go looking for a meal in the half-light of the pre-dawn period.

Pike monkey, on an angled needle - Optonic bite alarm.
This is my idea of pike angling perfection - Duncan Kay and a Mitchell 300 -
what else could I desire (apart from a big pike?)
I had three rods fishing before 07.30 hrs but didn't feel particularly confident, for the reasons I've already mentioned. With my binoculars around my neck, I spent the vast majority of my morning watching the local birdlife - un troubled by any action on the rods. A superb adult male Marsh Harrier drifted past, causing a mild panic amongst the Tufted Ducks which were settled on the drain to my south. Little Egrets, Fieldfares, Kestrel (2), Stonechat - a pair and my first of the winter, Skylarks, Meadow Pipits, Gadwall (4), Common Snipe and two Common Buzzards - it was all rather enjoyable. By 11.00 hrs; I made the decision to pack up and had already got two rods away when the remaining rod indicated a bite, via the electronic alarm. It was a spirited battle with a lively little "jack" (probably that fish that I "bumped" on Boxing Day?) - and so I avoided the dreaded blank.

A scrappy little jack!
My journey home incurred a slight detour as I used the remnants of my bait to pre-bait another drain, in the hope of getting a session after eels on Wednesday evening. The unseasonal mild temperatures are all assisting in my quest - the lowest temperature during the past week has been 8C! The coming week has predicted highs of 14C and lows of 6C - of little comfort to those in the northern counties of the UK?


  1. Prebaiting for pike Dyl. I met Ray Mumford once who I believe used the method but reduced the feed to a fine mash. Subsequently, he fished over the top of this cloud of fish meal using tiny baits and caught 20's.
    Needless to say the purists were aghast -was he really using a swingtip? not sure.
    Just an idea in case the pike don't fancy another big feed. Pop up tit bit perhaps. But then again, the Eels may become keen.

    1. Rich - I'm in awe of the situation - advice on pike fishing the East Kent marshes, all the way from New Zealand - crazy! My baits have been popped up, coloured, flavoured and umpteen other variations upon this theme (I fished with Eddie Turner during the latter part of the 80's early 90's so am well aware of the power of these approaches) - but pre-baiting isn't something I've ever explored within this context.
      We have gale force winds forecast for Wednesday - I'm going back out for a deliberate eel attempt late afternoon/early evening. Benno and Luke got ruined by eel activity on the RMC yesterday - this coming session should provide the information for my January efforts and what direction I should take? I feel a centre-pin and Mk IV combo coming into play - keep the faith!
      All the best - Dyl