Who am I?

An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Monday 31 March 2014

Still waiting

I can't image anyone possibly expecting a recollection based around my youth-club years and this classic track by Diana Ross. So; if some poor soul has been directed, by Google, to this blog - I can only apologise and state that it isn't my desire to steal Ms. Ross's thunder by choosing this title. It simply sums up, perfectly, what's happening in my little world - aka Newland's Farm and West Dumpton. Still no Wheatear sighting, despite quite intensive searches, so I decided to try my luck at North Foreland after my shift ended today.
I really should know better - not a sniff.
I'm at a loss to know why they're called "Hairy - footed" (NOT!)
I did discover a nice group of male Hairy-footed Flower Bees nectaring on Red Dead Nettle (or something very similar?) along the coastal path and there were decent numbers of Linnet and Pied Wagtails in the area around the lighthouse. A couple of Rock Pipits were foraging amidst the cauliflower stubble and, although not candidates for "littoralis" they did have very prominent, pale, supercilliums, so definitely not local breeding birds?

Far to active for my macro set-up (I need to get too close) these images were captured using the
14mm extension tube with my 170 - 500 mm Sigma lens. I have to admit to being rather pleased.
I was fortunate to watch a female Peregrine, with prey, fly past my cliff-top position and, with the aid of my binoculars watch it land on an outcrop along the chalk cliff. My images were nothing more than a token gesture - but pleasing none the less; it being my first Peregrine sighting of 2014!


  1. Hi mate did you used to drink in the George redbourn with carl turner

    1. Yes - guilty as charged! I worked at Brooke Bond with Steve Baron and spent much time at Nichols Farm. The Bell & Shears and The George were regular watering holes - fantastic memories of great times. Beating on Chalkdell Farm, Wheathamstead with Whistle and the rest of the guys - how I love that place. Last time I saw Carly - I was pissed up on the banks of Loch Awe - he was up there shooting Roe Deer - May 2011.
      I will be back in Redbourn early in May - if you spot me please feel free to introduce yourself - all the best and thanks for commenting - Dylan

  2. Are you going to the reunion thing I the bull