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Sunday 9 March 2014

I finished with a small victory

It wasn't quite the pike of my dreams but, as the final one of the 2013 - 14 season, a fish of 11 lbs 12 oz was only bite of the session. and just my second "double" of the campaign -  so it was a very welcome visitor to my landing net. Taken on 1/2 a flavoured & dyed Mackerel; the bite was extremely tentative and I had to wait for nearly a minute (not something that I, or the PAC, would promote for anyone but very experienced pike anglers!) before I was sure that it was a pike, and not an eel - even after this delay, the hooks were only in the scissors.

I was using braided line on a Duncan Kay 1 lb 10 oz TC/Matt Hayes "Limited Edition" centre pin combo - yet even with this gear the fight was a dour affair of grudging, yet unspectacular, resistance. The sun was shining brightly in a cloudless sky. It was a good to be alive sort of day. Benno and Luke turned up and I got my photos; the fish being retained in an ET Pike Tube - so never in any danger.

As with all our RMC "doubles" we recorded both its sides for our files
Although not particularly obvious, this fish did appear to have some very recent reddening
of the flanks - spawning marks being our best guess.

Three Common Buzzards were sparring above the adjacent woodland and, on arrival back home, I recorded my first Comma (2) and Peacock (3) butterflies of the year. A very enjoyable day indeed.

A Comma - enjoying the warmth in our garden.
The setting is on the buddleia debris which remains after the Winter gales.

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