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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Redwings - mob handed!

I have just got back after a walk across to the Newington pet shop, where I purchase my bird food. The weather is awful, with a brisk NW wind blowing thick clouds across the skies with the occasional bout of rain, just for good measure. However, every cloud - as they say, the sight and sound of Redwings moving overhead was a most welcome compensation for getting wet.
I didn't flush any decked birds, all those I recorded were flying W or SW at varying heights. One flock, which passed over Newington, probably numbered 300 birds; most of the other groups were between 6 & 20 strong. I have no idea as to the scale of this movement, I might just have caught the tail end of something that has been going on all night?
Obviously not a photo from today - a Redwing feeding in a garden along West Dumpton Lane (Feb 2011)
They are a superb looking bird which, due to their abundance during the winter months,
tend to be ignored/overlooked by birders.
Conditions are ideal for sea watching at Reculver and North Foreland - I await news of what has been seen. Skuas and wildfowl should figure quite prominently, at a guess. I'm off to work now - what fun!

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