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Friday, 11 October 2013

A sky full of promise?

Another grey and stormy day on Thanet, the wind has shifted to the NE and still the birds are moving. A slightly different mix, this morning, with my first Brambling and Fieldfares, of the autumn, being recorded. Redwings continue to dominate the totals, yet Song Thrushes, Skylarks and Blackbirds were also recorded in decent numbers. I did spend a while, at the kitchen doorway, attempting to get some photos - a complete waste of effort! The sight of these birds, moving high above the garden, is such a welcome distraction from the trials of R. Stour barbel and the mundane repetitiveness of work!
A view from our garden, looking SE. The storm clouds, driven by a brisk NE wind, below a higher layer, are perfect conditionsto allow decent "vis mig" from Vine Close.

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