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Wednesday 4 January 2023

Seeking a bit of fun

 There are plenty of excuses yet, the stark reality is that, I've not caught a fish since mid-November. Sitting at home, moaning about the crazy weather patterns, can't and won't change anything. I need to get off my arse and make something happen. If the Pike project has to be put on hold, so be it. I took the split canes down to Trenley yesterday, only to find that the lake was overflowing its' banks and, access to certain areas wasn't possible. I blanked, although was probably beaten before I cast a bait into the water? What was needed is a complete change of tack. What else could I be fishing for away from the venues along a very flooded Stour valley. 

Fortunately I have access to a very small farm (irrigation) pond, probably an acre in size, which has a decent stock of scamps (small carp) and a few bonus Tench. Surely I could be in with a shout of bending a rod if I gave it a go. Just after 09.30 hrs, this morning, I took a drive over to the venue to check out the conditions and see if I could spot any signs of fish. It's a beautiful little spot, right out in the East Kent countryside, and I've got to admit that I'm rather looking forward to spending a couple of sessions out there just by way of a change. Absolutely no issues with seeing signs of fish activity it was, however, very much a surprise to, inadvertently, flush a group of thirty plus Mandarin Ducks from a wooded corner as I approached the spot where they were tucked away under the overhanging branches.

Even better was spotting a ring-tailed Hen Harrier hunting over the adjacent farmland. This sighting taking my 2023 self-found total to a very pleasing seventy-four species. I hadn't reached that number before mid-February last year! The fishing gear is sorted, a selection of baits out of the freezer, although no boilies or pellets are allowed, I am happy to be doing something a bit different, just for fun, rather than a quest for a target.

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