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Sunday 1 January 2023

A new start

At one point during my Fuji employment some lame-brained, half-wit, came up with a company phrase designed to unite the workforce behind a common mission statement. "Don't look back, look forwards!" Have you ever heard anything quite so absurd? If you aren't prepared to acknowledge where you started how on earth do you measure progress? 

This lovely male Kestrel dropped down, from its' lamp post lookout,
to grab a worm from the pavement right outside the, Pyson's Road, Bookers store.

As you might have gathered I am totally at ease with reviewing my past in order to assist me to plan ahead. It doesn't matter what experiences they might be, all memories have a place in my ability to recognise just how far I've come during my time on this planet. With the start of a new year, so there's a freshness about the expectations of what lays ahead. As of yet, I'm not particularly sure about where my angling's headed but do have some ideas about what I'd like to achieve with my garden moth trapping and local birding. As with all aspects of natural history involvement; it's a marathon - not a sprint, so I don't have to push myself too hard in order to achieve what I seek from these aspects of my time spent outdoors. Likewise, maintaining the garden to a standard which not only is aesthetically pleasing, but also provides maximum attractiveness to the invertebrate hoards, is another of my goals.  

Birding got off to a very low key start, just twenty-seven species recorded today. Certainly not an issue, time is very much on my side these days. Some ridiculous omissions include Wren, Robin and Blue Tit. That's crazy? A real surprise was the discovery of three Chiffchaffs beside the footpath at the start of my patch wanderings. It's these type of encounters that keep the me enthused, you just never know what's around the next corner!

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