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Monday 9 January 2023

Doubling up

 I spent a very enjoyable three and a half hours down at another farm irrigation pool, although only actually fishing for two and a half hours. I'd spent the first hour wandering the bank searching for signs of Carp activity. As the light intensified it became obvious that they were widespread around the venue and I could have presented a bait almost anywhere and still been in with a shout! Hey-ho; it's called learning? As I said in the previous post, my baited rigs were positioned using a Nash "Bushwhacker" baiting pole, thus avoiding the disturbance caused by casting. My baits were chickpeas and red kidney beans fished over a bed of mixed seed and sweetcorn. Both rods were fishing by 08.00 hrs, the right hander away within forty minutes. A cracking scrap ensued before a lovely little Common, of 10 lbs 4 oz, found its' way to the unhooking cradle; nice start.

Ten o'clock came and went, me being grateful for the flask of coffee I'd prepared as I became increasingly aware of how cold I was feeling. It was a beautifully sunny morning yet, my chosen swim was on the east side and in shadow due to the dense vegetation along the raised banks of the venue. I decided that I'd pack up around 10.45 hrs and be on my way home by eleven. The Carp had other ideas as, just on 10. 20 hrs, the left hand rod was away and I found myself attached to another angry customer. A couple of anxious moments when it attempted to swim through the other line but, eventually it was coaxed over the net chord and the usual ritual followed. This time it was a nice looking Mirror, of 13 lbs 2 oz, and a great way to finish the session. I packed up early well pleased with my efforts and will be back down there on Wednesday for another session. I now know that I won't have to worry, too much, about location thus will have my baits in the water earlier than I did today. 

Three more additions to my self-found year list came in the form of Barn & Short-eared Owls plus a Water Rail. A pair of Great Crested Grebes were going through their elaborate courtship rituals and look set to breed at the fishery again this year. It's a lovely place to waste away a few hours, only next visit I'll make sure that there are a few more layers available, should I need them?

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