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Sunday 8 January 2023

Prospecting Fulmars

Knowing that the weather would go down hill rapidly, as the day progressed, I had a wander along the coastal path from Winterstoke down to Ramsgate Harbour. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary was seen during the couple of hours I spent around the area but the Fulmars, prospecting for nesting ledges, along the undercliff did provide plenty of opportunities to play around with the camera kit. 

I only added one species to my list, whilst out and about, that being Rock Pipit (No. 76). The slow cooker is doing its' thing, in the corner of my study, as I prepare a fresh particle mix in readiness for another scamping session tomorrow morning. I did have a look down at the venue yesterday afternoon, but saw no signs to assist any swim choice. I'm committed to using the "Bushwhacker" baiting system to position my rigs not wishing to employ the agricultural techniques I've seen used by some other Carp anglers at the fishery,  

It will be an early start tomorrow, although I'm prepared to let the fish show me where to position my baits before committing to a swim choice. More gusty winds and accompanying rainfall to be endured before I load the van. If nothing shows, then I'm happy to settle for an area where these strong winds have been blowing into, the current southerly airflow ensuring well above seasonal average temperatures. I've got a few ideas which I want to have a play around with, ref: bait presentations and will attempt to get a few images of the kit and my set-up whilst on the bank tomorrow. 

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