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Thursday 29 September 2022

Loggerheads of Argostoli Harbour

 I fully understand that Kefalonia isn't a holiday destination which appeals to everyone. If, however, you do ever find yourself on this wonderful Ionian island please make the effort to visit Argostoli Harbour and spend time with the Loggerhead Turtles which live there. They are magnificent creatures and it must be one of the very few places where pedestrians can watch these oceanic wanderers in such circumstances. They regularly feed tight along the seawall, thus right under your feet, and the views are incredible.

The water is so clear that it is possible to watch the turtles swimming well below
the surface. This individual has a metal tag on it's left flipper (KF 05 36 ?)
I have now reported this to Wildlife Sense and will update whatever info I receive when and if?

Craig and I spotted turtles on every occassion we visited the harbour, irrelevant of time of day. This said, it would appear that mornings to mid-afternoon are the most productive periods as the fishing boats unload their catches and the (vegetarian?) turtles come in to feed off the scraps thrown overboard.

An absolute privilege to be able to get so close to these truly wild creatures - awesome!

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