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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Thursday 13 December 2018

Important? - probably not! (an opinion)

With every single, passing, day our political elite demonstrate an ineptitude that beggars belief. The elected MP's, of whatever party, have shown themselves to be totally unworthy of the trust that we, the electorate, have placed in them. The whole "Brexit" fiasco continues to spiral downwards to a point that places our very democracy in jeopardy, the country completely divided as these self serving goons pursue their own agendas. A "people's vote" - are you serious? We've already had one and look at what it's done to our country - utter chaos from top to bottom - we voted out, what's so difficult to grasp, if democracy remains a reality in 2018! I watched the BBC news channel, last night, as the no confidence vote was conducted by the Conservative party.
I'm no Tory, never have been, but still recognise what a good job Mrs May is doing under very difficult circumstances. The "Brexit" negotiations should have been conducted by Nigel Farage, he being the instigator of this whole situation, however, it's not going anywhere - just hind sight. Mrs May is only in her job because David Cameron jumped ship as soon as he realised that he'd lost - a spineless act by a complete coward/fraudster. Prime Ministers should be made of sterner stuff? If public office is what you seek, then a desire to see through your obligations doesn't seem too much of an ask by the voting masses.
The implosion of parliament is now a testament to the sorry state of our "Great Britain" I hope that Corbyn and co can sleep well, they are a bloody disgrace, the whole lot of them. When we're in a situation where party politics are of irrelevance, the national interest is paramount, they persist in point scoring idiocy instead of stepping up to the plate to ensure our Union remains the envy of the world. If this were not a true perception, why would so many migrants attempt their perilous journeys to reach our shores? I don't expect that this opinion will sit well with many others, but, there you go, in a civilised democracy I am still allowed one. For that reason alone, I wear my poppy with pride! Those brave, and selfless, folk didn't lay down their lives for us to now surrender to Germany and the Federal Republic that masquerades as the EU! Leave means leave - a simple concept if you understand one man one vote?


  1. 'I don't expect that this opinion will sit well with many others, but, there you go, in a civilised democracy I am still allowed one'.

    These days Dyl, I'm not so sure.

    There was once a time when actions meant more than words, whereas now it's the words which are the action. You might be allowed an opinion but if the masses deem it an opinion they don't like, they'll take your words and use them as a weapon against you.
    Forget free speech. The mess that has emerged has ensured people get jailed for a tweet.

    1. Cheers for this Ric. I'm well aware that my opinions won't endear me to a section of the UK populace, but am surely able to voice my slant on my own blog? It is not a social forum platform, just one guy's views which are not mandatory to read. Visitors do so through choice. I think I make it quite plain that "if my opinions offend, don't log on again - simple!" So I do hope that any enraged reader has the sense to delete my blog from their computer and get on with their own lives without wasting emotions on what I think and/or write.
      Is what I think IMPORTANT? - probably not!

  2. Perhaps Dyl, but I've been taken to task on a forum when some item decided they knew what I was thinking. That was all it took for them to accuse me of being a racist 'c'! I'm an advocate of free speech myself, so allowed it. Then reported it and got them banned. It wasn't about me so much, it was that they broke the forum rules.

    Anyway, my favorite story about thinking involves a footballer called Joey Barton. After one particular altercation which didn't go his way, he said to the the ref, "What would you do if I called you an idiot?". To which the ref replied, "If you did that, I'd send you off". Barton then said, "But what if I was only thinking that?". The ref said, "Well I can't do anything if you're only thinking", to which Barton said " Well in that case, I think you're an idiot".