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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Year ticking

The ancient carp kit is being sorted out, the coming weekend will see my first serious effort of 2018. The bait issue still to be resolved, although Camo has offered some assistance and we will be having a chat tomorrow, or Thursday, about finding that edge I so desire. If anyone can help, then Camo's the man. Still to purchase a set of Cygnet baiting poles, won't be long, and I'm already thinking about getting a receiver for the Siren R3's. Particles are already purchased, awaiting a mix up and session in the slow cooker, the chick peas soaking in curry sauce, whilst some Key boilies are air drying. That's as much as I'm prepared to say about my approach, although it's hardly the dawn of a new era!
It was that "Golden Eagle" moment that has had the most impact on my outlook to my year listing effort. I wanted to list 300 species in 2018, now I'm totally committed to making this happen. Don't forget that I have two more planned holidays and my lists recognise the same boundaries as the birds I seek.

The best I could manage today. There were a couple of males "purring" around the site, neither of which
were particularly happy to pose for a photo.
It was adding Nightingale that was on my radar, as I drove down to Minster Marshes, yet not a peep from this magnificent songster. Three more ticks appeared in the form of Yellow Wagtail, Whinchat and Turtle Dove. It might have, also, been possible to add Lesser Whitethroat and/or Garden Warbler but not today. I am hopeful of a visit to Oare Marshes, before the end of the week. There are several "gimmees" around this superb KWT Reserve at present, according to the KOS recent sightings pages

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