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Monday 7 May 2018

A Bank Holiday weekend to savour

Wow! A bank holiday weekend and the weather has been spectacular and, for once, for all the right reasons. It appears that the entire UK has been blessed with some incredible sunshine and associated high temperatures. Me? I've had a blast. Bev went away to Cornwall, with her brother and parents, and I didn't! I spent the entire period fishing and birding - bloody good plan, if you ask me. 
As nice as it is to have blazing sunshine, clear skies overnight can produce some dramatic temperature variation and, with no chance of cloud cover, I didn't feel confident at tackling the Royal Military Canal. I wimped out and had four sessions (three evenings and a full day, today) playing around with bait presentations and bite indication, at Scroggin's Lake - Marshside Fishery.

I caught on all visits, although the carp had started to spawn today thus my only action came from snotty little bream. Six scamps, over the previous three sessions,  provided some proof that my tactics are viable, nothing bigger than 8 lbs though. I'm very impressed with the Nash Siren R3 alarms, unbelievably sensitive, and also the Korda Krusha. I'm rapidly turning into a tackle tart! So, in order to off-set any concerns, I have also had a play around with "Jasper & Sid", my wasp indicators, and they are now transformed into, unique, wind beating, swingers - well off the, carp clone, fashionista radar.

I've also managed to add four more year ticks, to my ever growing list. Common Tern, Lesser Whitethroat and Garden Warbler are very much expected. However, I fluked upon a Long-eared Owl, whilst walking around East Blean Woods in the continuing quest for Nightingale; and I'll take that all day long. With the sun such a dominant factor, I carried my camera kit for much of the time and got a few shots to accompany this post.

I also had the good fortune to bump into John Cantello, whilst at Stodmarsh, and enjoyed an hour, or so, in his company. Despite the deteriorating health of his beloved wife, Liz, he's keeping himself busy and attempting to put a positive slant on the situation - I wish him well as he moves forward.

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