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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Greenfinch overdose

Something very strange is happening around the garden feeding station. Since that first female was seen, on May 9th, Greenfinches have been almost daily visitors. At least five different individuals, based upon the plumage and condition of their feet. Four males, yet there is no sign of nesting activity anywhere around Newlands. I am now wondering if I'd fed sunflower hearts instead of mixed seed, over the winter period, if I would have attracted more of these finches? Whatever the answer, it will be sunflower hearts all the way, going forward. With my long lens ever present, I have managed to grab a few shots, in varying light levels, of these welcome visitors. Taking down the blinds in the conservatory means that I'm now able to get within four/five metres of the birds without any disturbance and take my photos through the double glazed windows.

House Sparrows continue to dominate the feeders, but a couple of pairs of Goldfinches and Great Tits are also taking advantage of the food source as is the Rose-ringed Parakeet. All good stuff. Saturday afternoon was spent sorting through masses of junk, out in the garden, and coincided with a decent raptor movement. Two Red Kites and fourteen Common Buzzards moved N/NW over the garden and were a welcome bonus before that pitiful excuse for a football match kicked off.


  1. Unfortunately Greenies still remain a rare bird here on Sheppey and five visiting my garden is a dream to far.

    1. Derek,
      There was a time when it wouldn't be uncommon to have five Greenfinches feeding together - now they occur as singles, when they turn up. I am rather intrigued to learn how much influence the change over to sunflower hearts has played. It will be an interesting summer if these birds remain faithful to the feeding station. Hoping you are well - Dyl

  2. Apart from a wild bird mixture that I put on the bird tables, I've only used sunflower hearts in the feeders for a few years and most birds seem to prefer them. Sunflowers in the husk were always a favourite of Greenfinches so I guess presenting them de-husked was always going to be a magnet for them.