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Thursday 3 May 2018

A chat in Camo's

With the bank holiday weekend approaching, rapidly, I needed to get across to Newington to purchase some "party mix" from Cathy Newbury, at Maxim's pet shop. Four kilos (dry weight) = £3.60 and I'm free to add whatever I wish, prior to a session in the slow cooker. I'd finished my shift at 14.00 hrs and had already been down to Camo's where I was able to talk through a bait flavour, and approach, which is highly unlikely to be replicated, accidently, by other carp anglers along the RMC. A Korda "Krusha" was an item which I feel will assist with my bait presentation and Camo had no problem taking my cash in exchange for such an item. There were several other customers, in the shop, and it was a good atmosphere as banter pulsated between us. I did ask Camo if he'd ever caught any big fish? His best is over 1,100 lbs smaller than mine! Call that a big fish? - bait is what we call it! Only mates can get away with this level of disrespect - outsiders would find it quite offensive, which is exactly why they're on the outside! A great vibe and why I support his business venture; which is an incredibly brave gamble in these cyber-net times of e-shopping. £30 lighter, I left the premises, clutching a few items which will be soon pressed into service.

Alan "Camo" Turner cradles a carp of 51 lbs - that the best you've got? How very parochial!!
I'm really looking forward to the challenges of the new season, the RMC being where I feel most confident of catching that carp but, I can't ignore the unexplored drains so, am not putting all my efforts into the one venue. Camo has been extremely generous with his advice and I feel confident that a positive result will be possible because of this input. Best bit is that he's always there should I seek further assistance. He might not have caught a "Grander" but he does know his way around a carp puddle.

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