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Sunday 31 July 2016

Natural England? Outrageous dereliction of duty.

Somewhere within the chaotic layers of wildlife legislation, exists a Government funded organisation called Natural England (formerly known as English Nature) They exist to provide protection for our natural heritage, or so we are led to believe. However, yesterday the news broke that this auspicious bastion of wildlife protection had taken the decision to issue a licence to kill (ten) Common Buzzards in order to assist a pheasant shoot protect it's poor little poults, so that they can be grown on in order to be shot, at a very high cost, by individuals who have no requirement to feed a starving family but, instead, have more money and, therefore influence, than sense.

Our most widespread large raptor within the UK - magnificent birds which have made an
amazing recovery since the bad old days of DDT and persecution.
It would be nice to discover the identity of that individual who has put the signature of approval on this particular document and see what other links to this industry, borne of blood-lust and not country pursuits, he (she/they) have? The whole situation stinks of money riding rough-shod over all wildlife legislation, of whatever origin, in the corrupt, secretive, corridors of government which now runs our country. Don't blame Brexit, we've not left yet and the current EU directives have been deliberately flouted as have any UK based laws. Natural England are nothing better than puppets - get rid of this expensive farcical body before they set any other presidents for the persecution of an indigenous predator in the cause of money and protecting an introduced alien species.

I have absolutely no problems with pheasant shooting, or shooters, when it is done for the table.
Mass murder, masquerading as a field sport, has no place in modern society, let alone at
the expense of a naturally occurring bird of prey.


  1. Dylan,
    Natural England have lost so many staff over the past few years that it was probably Ms Leadsom herself who signed the licence.

    1. John, the reduction of staffing within Natural England is probably a deliberate ploy to remove those individuals who actually took their role of protecting our natural heritage seriously. It is an absolute disgrace this licence has been issued - whoever is responsible should be made to explain the logic involved in their decision, so that we can all see that it was made for the best possible reasons, under these very extraordinary circumstances (NOT!)

  2. When I first became a Vol. Warden on The Swale NNR 30 years ago it was called NCC (Nature Conservation Council) and it had very wide ranging powers and authority. It was therefore then re-named English Nature with less authority and finally, to complete it's total dilution and ability to affect those such as the shooting and hunting community, it became Natural England, with greatly reduced budgets. People began leaving in droves, or were made redundant and it is now as Dylan describes it. I rather suspect that this is going to be the start of a tidal wave of legal raptor culling.

  3. One last comment on the subject, when NE issue these licences, who monitors the numbers that are shot. When the gamekeeper shoot what could be his 12th Buzzard and someone sees him, does he simply produce his licence and say that's my first one mate.

    1. Derek, sorry for the tardiness in my reply, but I'm sure you will now have realised that there were other things going on! This whole raptor persecution caper is a blatant demonstration of the capitalist mentality of those who form our leadership. It is contrary to everything that the electorate voted for, yet ensures these cosy little cliques remain above the rules of the ordinary folk. It's a shambolic and undemocratic decision, based upon very flawed logic, yet a very real reflection of these times. - Dyl