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Sunday 3 July 2016

A demonstration of arrogance and contempt

I wonder how much emphasis would have been placed upon the 36% had it resulted in a remain victory?

I didn't like the England v's Iceland result which so humiliated my national football team and cost Roy Hodgson (a decent enough bloke) his job - can we play it again please? Not a chance, that's what happened and the result is without challenge. So why is it that so many "losers" are motivated to take to the streets in protest when the referendum result didn't go how they wanted? Because they are arrogant and in contempt of the same democracy that allows them to protest and cast their vote. Completely unable to accept the decision of the majority, because they are educationally superior to those who fell for the lies of the leave campaign. Is that so? Politicians are liars for a living, jumping on every band wagon that suits their cause. No-one, on either side of this, divisive, debate, can see into the future. No one knows how we will fare, as an independent trading entity, until we get there. Lies and deceit were not just restricted to the "leave" campaign - oh, no!

pro-EU rally
Losers having a tantrum - grow up!

Continuous Improvement - it wasn't a concept thought up by the minions of the factory floor; not a bit of it, this was a process bourne of educated thinking. Only by challenging the established work practices, seeking opportunities, where others see problems, are we able to develop our skills and improve efficiencies. Well that's exactly what we, the UK electorate, have just done with this vote and it now appears that there are some who are finding this concept very difficult to comprehend - change isn't a bad thing, it's how you deal with it that creates/solves the problems.

So to all those, dummy spitting, adults, unable to understand the basic fact that more people voted for leave than in any other ballot, on any subject, in the history of our nation; get real. Get back into your prams and start thinking of how we rebuild this divided nation - after all - you are the educated amongst us, or so you say. This is the situation we are in - now make the best of it. As we are taught in industry - "seize it as an opportunity, not a problem!"


  1. Dyl. These protesters should be ashamed of themselves. To come out and rail against a democratic decision is pure arrogance.
    The basis of their stance is that they 'Remain' had intelligent valid reasons, whereas those who voted out were 'Idiots'.
    Some of these people consider themselves such intellectual power houses (never failed an exam or interview in their lives), that they assume even their guesswork is correct. Arrogance.
    You summed it up best Dyl when you said they need to 'grow some'.

    All the best

    1. Rich, the right to protest is part of the democratic system within which we live. That this group of "remain" voters see themselves as having some moral higher ground, as befits their educated status, is what really frustrated me. Their insistence on a second referendum, based on the supposition that the out campaign was all deceit and lies (?) and those that voted "out" lacked the intellect to realise this and understand the implications of their actions, whereas they do! Intelligence doesn't equate to a divine monopoly on being right!
      I can have no more idea where this will lead, than anyone else, but I am sure that the will of the people needs to be respected.
      Take care - Dyl