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Friday 8 July 2016

Sartorial elegance: a non-fashion statement

My time spent scanning some of the old slides has revealed my state of dishevelment as I journeyed through angling. Looking the part has never played a role in my own approach, yet I still manage to derive immense satisfaction from those successes which have come my way despite my appearance.

A dodgy perm and a cardigan - not the regulation kit of the period
for any other speccy hunter. One of the early Tiddenfoot cats 
My first concern was for being comfortable, although I must admit that in my latter years I now yearn to stay warm and dry, if at all possible - still not worried about my look, unsurprisingly!

A Brogborough Lake (Bedfordshire) double figure bream

A Wilstone tench of 8 lbs 13oz - June 18th 1992

A frosty dawn, a nice upper double and a new hat!

My PB cat from Claydon - same apparel as at Tiddenfoot

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