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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

That's all folks - "The King is Dead"

I came downstairs, this morning, to find that Dad had died, peacefully, in his sleep and is now again with Mum. Such is the power of their devout Christian beliefs that I am bound to wish that it is true.
As a complete heathen, I have voiced my doubts; often cynically, yet have to conclude that their stoic and unyielding faith has provided comfort where I am unable to find anything to cling to.
It has been an experience which I am unable to recommend to anyone. To those who side with the pro-life campaigners I will ask "who's life is it?" If my father had been an animal I could have, quite rightly, been accused of cruelty, such was the loss of dignity and independence as he entered his final days. He prayed to die every night, yet would not take an overdose as that would have been a sin? The God Squad have an awful lot of explaining to do if I am ever to become a believer! It has been a roller-coaster journey which has ultimately seen my relationship with Bev strengthened because of the stresses placed upon us - my family is solid and remains united, the lessons shared by us all. I am eternally grateful for the support of friends, family and work colleagues, without whom I wouldn't have made it.

Mum and Dad - reunited again. Sleep well


  1. I have identical thoughts on the subject Dyl.
    Nice photo of your parents and clearly your dad had a different hairstyle to you. At least the suffering for everybody is over now.

    1. Derek, this has been one of the most traumatic periods of my life. To have witnessed this level of suffering, in the name of humanity and God, is something which has pushed my own beliefs to new limits. My fathers' passing was a blessing, I felt relief more than sadness when he finally left us.
      I am proud to state that my parents supported my right to live as an individual, a non-conformist, within a framework of civilised social rules where right and wrong were still paramount for a decent member of the community. I owe them so much - my long hair is testament to their teachings - Dyl

  2. Nothing wrong with your hair Dyl., I tend to keep mine longer than suits me, unfortunately I've spent all my life envying people who have straight, long hair, something I always wanted.

  3. I lost my dad 18 months ago and that was a traumatic period to go through. Seeing someone you love go through so much is tough but I too had that sense of relief at the end. The grieving came soon after as I remembered him as he once was but I felt pride too because as a parent he supported me unconditionally with whatever it was I wanted to do in my life. It sounds like your dad was exactly the same. Top man. Wishing you all the very best Dylan.

    1. Thanks for this Neil. My father was, indeed, a very special man and played a vital role in my development. He always encouraged and supported me in whatever I did, yet was quick to urge caution should I stray from the path. You never know what you've got until you lose it - never more true than now! Take care - Dyl

  4. You guys have been very lucky to have had your fathers for so long. Mine died, aged 50, when I was only 22 and as he favoured my younger sister, I never really had much to do with him. When I got into my 50's and 60's it would of been fantastic to have had him to chat too about his youth and time in the army but it wasn't to be.

  5. Dyl,
    It's as much to hope that our parents have helped us to adult-hood relatively unscathed, but a bonus when we make them proud of us.
    It's a complete triumph when we can, in turn, be proud of them.
    Best wishes