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Sunday, 28 August 2016

I'm not expecting a picnic

Benno and I are off on our first session at the new venue - "Are you using centre-pins Dad?" My reply doesn't need posting - it ended with "off" Until I've got a feel for the place, I'm sticking with the Mk IV's and Mitchell 300's; a combination with which I have utter faith. However, it is quite possible that, with a little experience, I might well employ the centre-pins as fun/enjoyment is the real reason for my angling exploits in 2016. In the mean time, I have my sights set on a new PB carp from a venue which is as quirky as anything JK Rowling could have dreamt up; an adrenaline trip should it come to fruition without any shadow of a doubt. One of the bonuses, of this venture, is I don't have to worry about my photos, the place is so remote that no-one else has ever been there (apart from my new found friend) thus backgrounds won't be familiar to anyone?

Very much a tweaked up maize presentation; double chick pea (curry flavoured) with a single
grain of fake IB pop-up maize.
The one significant difference is my hook choice - I am now using Nash "Fang Twisters" size 7 as opposed to
the Korda Wide Gape size 8's. I have had no issues with the Korda hooks,
 they are fabulous for our barbel rigs,  but am happier using the Nash pattern for this particular carp challenge.
I have spent the majority of today playing around with rigs and doing some tank testing, just to see what my bait presentation will look like. I was down at "Camo's" before he opened, just so I could get a few items which might assist my cause. He was intrigued by the venue, but remains none the wiser - I haven't joined a circus, the fewer guys that know about these fish the better it will be for us. Selfish? I don't think so, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. If it matters that much, get off your arse and start seeking carp challenges for yourself!
I have promised Camo that he will get some photos, should things go to plan -  the pressure, therefore, is on!

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