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Monday, 29 August 2016

An encouraging start

Benno and I were out for our first session on the new drain system, yesterday evening. We spent a short while looking at various swims and putting out small handfuls of bait in a few likely looking spots. We finally settled on two swims, about 100 m apart, and set up our kit ready for the evening - when we felt these fish would move out of their weedy daytime haunts to feed on the open spots where our bait awaited them.

Benno could make a Minnow look big! Typical modern carp angler's  pose as the
fish is thrust towards the camera, thus distorting the perspectice.
The plan is to fish our usual 3 to 4 hour sessions, we'd packed up just after 22.30 hrs last night but not before Benno had managed to capture our first carp of the campaign. A beautiful little Common of 12 lbs 6 oz; taken within an hour of our start - very encouraging indeed. I should be back out there on Tuesday morning for another bash and to get some more bait in the water; exciting times ahead I feel.

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  1. hi chaps good to see your back on it after recent events.I have noticed that modern carp baits seem to make anglers hands out grow the rest of them. stay safe and be lucky to you all.