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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Thursday 7 April 2016

Revised targets - slow progress

My adventure into carp angling is slowly taking shape as I seek to achieve another angling target. To this end I have been an avid viewer of Youtube and the limitless, carp related, offerings that are to be found there. My problem is gleaning the information which suits my purpose and, yet, avoiding the gimmicks/fads which are aimed at anglers, not fish! "Tackle Tart"- a phrase spawned in the aftermath of the rise to domination, of UK freshwater angling, by the pursuit of carp and the "Ultra-cult" followers of these fabulous fish. This is a challenge in it's own right. The highly professional offerings, of the major players (Nash, Korda, Fox, et al.), are a carp angling overdose of big fish and how to do it. Modern carp angling is a results orientated pursuit where the big names are expected to deliver at every opportunity. To this end they have developed some awesome techniques and are keeping one step ahead of their competition. How often does a featured angler say "this is still a trial/prototype which we will be introducing next year"? Of course they'll be introducing it next year - they've already skimmed the cream off the top of it's potential at all the venues they've been to. Carp are the fishy version of crows - they have a limited ability to learn and that is what sets them apart from most other species in the UK.

A "scraper" double, from Tyler Hill - I'll happily catch fish like this whilst awaiting the bite from
a bigger carp! If I caught forty of these - I will have had a great season!
These modern anglers are not only competing with the learning abilities of these fish, but also those other devoted souls who are chasing the same quarry - down to the individual fish in many situations! As much as I would enjoy the "split cane" anarchy involved in such folly - I haven't got the time to engage in such activity. Those guys are able to spend weeks at a time - Simon Crowe (Nash TV) stating he "only does one hundred nights a year!" because of other commitments - really? The top guns are in bivvies, generally in France, longer than they are at home (if they have one) Fish ain't that important to me - anymore! Enjoyment, however, is!!

My first ever twenty - Bridigo Pond 5th July 1983 - 21 lbs 10 oz
On floating "slyme" - a Duncan Kay concoction
So here's a slightly revised project - looking forwards. I still desire to land a thirty on the Mk IV's - using particles, if at all possible. I would love to land four fish in excess of twenty pounds during this period, my PB is currently 23 lbs 14 oz - so very beatable! A new PB would be a great result - a thirty just keeping my dreams alive and providing a focus. I fancy my chances of forty doubles in six months - so that is my amended target. I don't have the time to sit it out at the "in vogue" venues - but there are still plenty of other fisheries which offer me the chance of a thirty. On the periphery is the scenario of a twenty off the top or a decent double on float fished sweetcorn. Forty doubles in six months - I didn't achieve that, combined, total in thirteen years during my first speccy hunting period (1980 - 93) and have only just exceeded it since my return (May 2011). I have to admit that I'm really enthused by this challenge and feel that I've set a target that is realistic, and achievable, because of where I live and the venues at my disposal. I think that "living the dream" is an apt description of what I wish for? I will not make the final venue choices until early May - the RMC will certainly have a part to play, the others are less certain, at present. I'm hopeful that I can replicate the success of my eel campaign - only time will tell?


  1. A noble quest Dylan - good luck! I look forward to reading of your forthcoming catches!

    1. Thanks Richard,
      I've not done any serious carp fishing since 1983-84 when I was still living in Hertfordshire and had access to Stanborough Lake, Welwyn Garden City. At that time, my results were phenomenal for a day-ticket park lake - today they'd still be OK? Forty doubles in six months? If I can stick to my challenge, then I see no problems achieving this total from the fisheries around East Kent. A C&DAC ticket will be purchased, before the start of May, and I fancy those intimate pools at Littlebourne to do a fish or two. Might see you there?
      All the best & tight lines - Dylan