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Sunday, 3 April 2016

A heron, BoP's & sprogs - another garden session.

It's been rather quiet around Newland's Farm - so nothing new there then? My search for a wheatear remains fruitless and the only obvious signs of Spring migration is the trickle of Chiffchaffs passing through the garden plus the continuing passage of Common Buzzards in the skies above.
It's been a glorious day; Bev & I went across to The Coach & Horses (Deal - Sandwich road) for lunch - quality! The rest of my day has been spent listening to Radio 5 and watching the comings and goings around the garden.

Sparrowhawks have established a new territory, over by the main farm compound, so there are now two pairs (the other one in Ramsgate Cemetery) locally. Today was to see me witnessing displaying pairs above both nest sites plus several other migrants moving north. Only three Common Buzzards were spotted, but I feel sure there were more that I missed. The biggest reaction of the day occurred when a Grey Heron flew over; even the Parakeets getting in on the protest!

It's great to be able to spend time out in the garden, House Sparrows remain numerous and dominant around the feeding station - happy days!

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