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Friday, 15 April 2016

Adventure on the horizon

Early tomorrow morning I have to drive down to Folkestone, to pick up Benno, before heading across the Thames into deepest Essex where we are to collect a new Transit. It is for Ben's work - he's a heating engineer (they used to be called plumbers when I was a boy) but, it's also a fishing wagon! This purchase is extremely timely - we are off on another angling adventure, very soon, and the new van means we don't have to hire one; which is always a lot of, time consuming, fannying about.
So what with all this and my requirement to get my kit sorted, plus spending time with Dad and the grand-kids, fishing is out of the equation over the weekend. It is a little frustrating, because I know that the local carp are very active and some good fish have already been taken by the guys at these venues. My time will surely come?

How I wish that I'd managed to get this shot today!  (Picasa strikes again!)
Newland's birding continues to provide a nice distraction, a couple of Common Buzzards and a Swallow, on my Wednesday walk to work, a female Wheatear and another Ring Ouzel today. The maddest sighting, however, was of a Rose - ringed Parakeet (a male) feeding on my sunflower heart feeder. I haven't been bothered with the moth trap, but still discovered a cracking Double-striped Pug on an IBC, at work, whilst going about my chores. Things are good and "everything in the garden is rosy!" - I need time to take a step back and assess where I'm at. The, upcoming, adventure will provide just that opportunity.

A Thanet garden speciality - entertaining but of no importance.

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