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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Totally disillusioned - why should I give a fuck?

At 13.00 hrs,on Tuesday 17th November 2015, my experience of being an employee was taken to the lowest extreme in the 41 years I have been employed. My 60th birthday is less than two weeks away - not an  excuse, a fact! In the last few weeks I have had to visit a doctor, then a hospital X-ray facility, in order to discover that I've arthritis! Not something that is worth celebrating, but also a condition that is not too unusual in a person of my age?
I have been subjected to a humiliating, and insulting, process of questioning which was justified by the medical restrictions that my condition now impact on my ability to fulfil my duties as an employee  within the digital dept. of FSIS. Not such a big issue until I realised that I was on the list before any medical diagnosis had been reached - quality = World Class!
That book which I keep alluding to is taking shape quite nicely - it seems that this episode will provide the defining chapter! Why the fuck should anyone care when the systems are so unable to differentiate between the honest and those who are taking the piss? I have given the company all my effort in attempting to get the transition from analogue, to digital, technology. If this is their best effort as repayment - I'm at a loss to know why I, or anyone else, should bother?
My last round of one to ones - I was asked what I wanted from my supervision (Those guys who I'd nominated for the "Manufacturing Champions Awards") my reply being "support" If this is support, I'm better off without it. There is something very wrong within the organisation - with so much to celebrate why create this situation?


  1. Dyl, sorry to hear about the work situation. When we have that beer I will swap similar stories with you. You are not alone! Take care, Steve.

  2. Dylan Its the same here.. Multi national companies don't give a rats ass for loyalty these days. I guess its all about the dollar. you are definitely not alone M8.

  3. Dyl, at 68 I've had arthritis in both feet for 8 years now, gets bloody painful walking round a muddy marsh most days and now it's coming out in my neck - just a matter of keep taking the pills.
    Fortunately I retired at 59, a year before my company was taken over by another company who immediately starting axing all the long-serving staff. Loyalty rarely counts for much these days.

  4. Cheers for the comments guys. You might have gathered that I was bloody angry - fear ye not, those involved were left in no doubt as to my feelings and got both barrels. However, the emotion didn't go away so I had to write it down - and now feel so much better. I am extremely grateful for your input; I now realise that I'm not rapidly loosing the plot? All the best - Dyl

  5. Dylan, I had 25yrs in a company and in the last few years with them it was no secret that along with my other long term colleagues we were seen as costly, wages, pension wise, etc, etc, we were even supposedly described as the "cancer which needed to be cut out" by upper management at a meeting and our line managers apologetically kept the rumour mill going, no one defended us. I suppose this all helped to demoralise us to take voluntary redundancy...when I look back I now consider myself very very lucky that I got away from them with a package. Loyalty, experience isn't something that is valued anymore. A couple of good days fishing cured my blues..fuck em they didn't know how to fish anyway.

  6. My aversion to the games of employers came to a head just over a decade back. I'd cried off for a month with some mysterious malady when 'Inhuman Resources' had the idea of phoning me while out fishing with my little (then) lad. "Are you coming back? if not, we'll have to back fill your position"! . I asked the lad, "Shall I go back?". The answer was a flat 'no'. So I replied that I'd rather be unemployed than work for them and that was that. My days of employment (by others) was over.
    A month later the company had the audacity to request the reasons for my departure. Needless to say, not only did I give them the traditional 'both barrels', but I found enough ammo for a reload.
    A four page rant is available on request.
    Must admit, I've never written in such a flowing manner since. One straight hit, get in there.