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Friday 13 November 2015


How brave are these lame brained goons? My thoughts, and prayers, are with those innocent souls, in central Paris, who have been caught up in this mental act of terrorism.

Peace for Paris - Jean Jullien

Ten months after the Charlie Hebdo attack - Suicide bombers, co-ordinated gun attacks, extraordinary similarities to the Mumbai situation - ISIS will get all they deserve. Live by the sword - die by the sword. Islam is one of the world's great religions - it doesn't require this extremist demonstration of intolerance to other religious and racial groups, to promote further anti-Islam fervour. Things will never get better whilst this crazy bunch of fanatics try to destabilize our civilisation. Why are these nutters still given any credence by any political party - of what ever allegiance? They no more represent Islam than I am an advert for Burton's tailors! Like fleas on a cat - get rid of them!


  1. Unfortunately Dylan, there were actually people on the radio yesterday complaining about the fact that we had blown up Jihadi John, they demanded that we should of arrested him and put him on trial. Apart from the enormous risk to those trying to snatch him there would be the enormous cost of a trial and then some do-gooder coming along a few years later to say that it was unfair to keep him in jail. Why do the British always try and fight wars nicely, the only constant course of action is that which occurred yesterday, find them and destroy them.

    1. Derek, I am no politician and have never harboured any desire to become one. The events which took place in Paris, yesterday night, are so far off the scale of my comprehension as to be fantasy - except of course they are very real. I was sitting at my laptop, listening to the football on Radio 5 when the news broke. Utter disbelief was quickly followed by anger as the story unfolded. So many completely innocent lives have been taken - whilst those survivors will also bear the emotional scars for the rest of their days. How any group of extremists think that they will change the world, to their way of thinking, whilst making enemies of the whole of civilisation is laughable - if it were not so tragic.
      How and where will it end? Our world leaders have some very serious and difficult decisions to make - and very quickly. Remove ISIS and all that it stands for should be the minimum requirement. China, Russia, America and the rest of the world need to focus every effort on achieving this - Islam is a great religion, The Koran is a decent set of guidelines for any devout follower - love, peace and mutual respect. These deluded extremists are no advert for the religion or their cultures. Rant over - Dyl


    2. It’s my guess that Jihadi John knew he was a dead man walking! Probably spent his life living in various shit holes evading justice. Good riddance to the scumbag. Atomising him works for me…Dead is dead is dead.
      I to cannot comprehend the atrocity in France.