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Monday 16 November 2015

Eels again

I didn't sleep particularly soundly over the weekend. Understandably, the events in Paris have been a major factor in this disruption but, I have to admit, loosing that eel on Sunday morning has played on my mind ever since. I spent the majority of my shift, today, weighing up photo initiators for some large batches of ink. This I do alone, so am very much at liberty to have my mind go wandering - as long as I concentrate on the formulas to ensure the correct ingredients have been used.
That eel has really got me thinking about these fish and how it is very much a now or never situation for me.

An eel of 2lbs14oz taken on a 14mm halibut pellet/flouro pop-up combi.
I was tench fishing at the time - March 14th 2015
Looking back over the past few outings, I have missed a few bites without ever feeling a fish - weird when you consider the closeness of the bait and the fact that I'm using doubles (not trebles) as my hook choice. I am now convinced that the culprits were, as suspected, eels and the hooks were never in their mouth. You may also rest assured that the "Big Pits" and the CK broomsticks will not be making another appearance at any of my local drains or The RMC. The Duncan Kay's and Mitchell 300's will, once again, take centre stage in my efforts for both eels and pike. I feel sure using this new, and unfamiliar, kit did, in some small way, contribute to the loss?
I do, however, remain confident in myself and feel sure that an eel in every month of the winter is an achievable target in East Kent. One thing that I find rather strange is how gutted I am at the loss of this fish? Normally, as I was not targeting the species, it wouldn't be of any consequence. I certainly wouldn't have been able to take much credit for the capture if I'd have landed it. So why has that event made such an impact when I've lost many other fish - be they barbel, carp, perch, tench or pike and simply moved on - let's get another one! My early efforts after the carp in Stanborough were forever resulting in lost fish. I didn't despair but, instead, used the experiences to push myself harder, to look for ways of combatting whatever I perceived as the cause of my failure.
I suppose it's because I saw it and had it to the net, before my misfortune. It was big and I think, at the back of my mind, there was a desire to know how heavy. I haven't enough experience to offer an educated guess where eels are concerned. Pike and carp I might have a chance - eels, no chance what so ever!
The best eel I've landed in 2015 - 3 lbs 6 oz
Again an accidental capture on a halibut pellet whilst carp fishing!
There will be another session, one evening, this week and I'm hopeful of getting some more pre-baiting done beforehand. The BBC 5 day forecast is looking good with temperatures remaining in double figures right through till Friday. Do I have a date with destiny? Is there a "big" eel with my name on it? The only way to find out is to get back outside and put a bait in the water.

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  1. I had a roach like that once Dylan. As with your eel, an accidental hooking while Tench fishing in a gravel pit in Harefield. I had the fellow over the net cord but the thick mesh stopped me getting the landing net arms clear of the water before it scooted out and away. Never mind I thought I'll get it next time. The next time I had it just up to the cord when for a laugh, it fell off! What's the record for the number of 'I don't f..ing believe it's' in 30 minutes? Guessamates - a 2lb 8oz plus job. Just a bit upset.
    Obviously I've nearly got over the disappointment. It's taken a couple of decades so far, but nearly there.