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Thursday 19 November 2015

November Eel - dunnit!

Wednesday 18th November 2015 - 18.00 hrs
I've just got back indoors after a fraught journey, out onto the marsh, in order to get some more bait into the swim. It is incredibly windy - SW 40-45mph , but very overcast and mild - 14C. Task completed, I was back home before 18.00 hrs and getting my kit sorted. The BBC 5 - day forecast predicts tomorrow evening to be absolutely perfect - wind's to be a gentle westerly with temps around 11C - a cold snap to follow over the weekend? If ever there were a definition of "spot - on" in respect of my perception of Eel angling conditions; Thursday evening has it all.
I'm reverting back to my Duncan Kay's and the Mitchell 300's; bait will be squid, sprat and/or bluey fished on a combi-rig. I have no more than a five hour window - if I've not had any indication by 20.30 hrs I'm heading for home - even if I do get a result I will still be packing up by 21.30 hrs as I've got to be at work for 06.00 hrs Friday.
There are two swims that I've pre-baited - one is very tight, two rods max, the other might allow three but, I'm not sure that I want to chance the "Eel knitting" scenario just to get that extra rod out? I couldn't cope with a repeat of Sunday's result! Single sticks or bars? I'll make that call when I get there.

Thursday 19th November 2015 - 14.50 hrs

Well my gear is ready and I'm just about to get going. It's a rather dank, dark sort of afternoon, yet extremely mild. I have the feeling that it might just be the night? I'll know more when I get back some time around 22.00 hrs. Any eel in November will be a result - that big fish is out there. Has it got my name on it?

Well I can say that my efforts were not in vain; I had three eels from five bites - so another part of my challenge completed. Sadly, however, that big fish remains but a wish, the best I could manage this evening was a meagre 1 lbs 10 oz.                                                                                                     

My Left Hand & Middle Rods - my Right Hand Rod was a couple of metres away, fished on single sticks
My diary reads as follows:-
Fishing with three rods - all out by 16.20 hrs
16.40 hrs - Middle rod Eel (1 lbs 6 oz) Sprat head section/combi rig
17.10 hrs - missed a screamer on the LHR - squid/combi rig
17.15 hrs - RHR away Eel (1 lbs 4 oz) - squid/combi rig
18.30 hrs - Middle rod Eel (1 lbs 10 oz) - Sprat head section/combi rig
19. 10 hrs - Middle rod - missed an absolute screaming run (a carp would have been proud of) - didn't touch it
20 .00 hrs - packed up and headed home

The 1 lbs 10 oz fish on my landing net
I rather enjoyed myself this evening. I still have a long way to go in gaining an understanding of this fascinating species. What I am finding rather puzzling is the different bites. I'm having no issues with the slow, steady pulls - the bites that are registered as blistering runs haven't produced a fish yet? I think that one other positive I can take from the session is the benefits to be had from a bit of pre-baiting. Five bites in a short session can't be bad, especially in November, and makes my effort of yesterday so much more justified.


  1. Nice work on the Eel front. Looking forward to seeing if you winkle out a big one from there on day. It's a species I wish I'd spent more time on in my angling days...

    1. Thanks for that. I'm not too sure how this project will turn out. I openly admit that eels ain't my bag yet, with the knowledge that, as a species, they are "critically endangered" I feel that it's now or never? My venue choices are rather restricted but should, I feel, give me a chance of a decent specimen. That one I lost on my pike gear would do. Loved the post about your own angling past - that Tiddenfoot Cat is a beauty!
      All the best and take care - Dyl

  2. Well done mate, little chance of a November eel up here, water temp was down to 3°C on my last outing!