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Wednesday 28 October 2015

What purpose making it up?

I'm sat here looking at my stats - the "A bird too far" offering has gone off the radar. I'm beginning to wish I'd not bothered - it was just something which happened during a walk around Newland's. It's told, as I recalled it; nothing claimed or important. There used to be (maybe still is?) a stigma attached to angling - "Are all anglers liars - or do all liars fish?" I 've had to live with this and used it to attempt to keep me on the straight and narrow. Deliberate deceit is something which, sadly, goes on in all walks of life. You've only got to look at a "Double Glazing advert" or a Financial Service Provider promo to see this on a mammoth scale (there's hidden agendas at every turn).
I write my stuff as a form therapy - for want of a better description - and not any deliberate attempt at self aggrandisement. Others might see things very differently? The recent avian events on, around, and above, Newland's Farm have been a rare gift from the "birding gods". My posts have been made in good faith; attempting to capture the essence of the occasion, not clinical in the data gathering of some minor event in a bigger picture.
If make believe was a major factor then why would I not have had masses of Yellow-broweds and Ouzels. If lying was part of my gig - I'd have caught an awful lot more "big fish" than appear on this blog? I've no photos to accompany this particular offering - I've nothing in my portfolio to depict cynicism, and I'm guilty as charged!
So I apologise for living in Dumpton, for watching a very ordinary farm, yet having the audacity to witness such spectacular viz mig. Shit happens -  you'll just have to get over it!

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