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Monday 12 October 2015

Some morning at Newland's

With the maize now harvested, the resultant stubble has seen a lot of activity as the local gulls, corvids and Wood Pigeons have been cleaning up the spilt grain. This morning, as I was making the first cuppa of the day, I could see a flock of thrushes flying north. I opened the back door and was able to confirm that they were my first Fieldfares of the autumn. Bev's tea was quickly delivered and I went back outside. Bloody hell! There were birds everywhere.

The view along the Vine Close hedgerow, now that the maize has been harvested

I spent around thirty minutes in the garden before heading across to the fields to see what else could be discovered. Here goes -

Chaffinch - 2,200 N or NW
Siskin - 140 N or NW
Meadow Pipit - many N plus good numbers decked
Alba/Pied Wagtail - 17 S and 30+ decked in the maize stubble
Song Thrush - 5 SW and another 14 flushed from the cauli's
Blackbirds - everywhere
Redwing - 2 W
Brambling - 2 N
Grey Heron - 1 S
Fieldfare - 60+ N and 11 decked
Swallow - 7 N
Starling - 350+ decked
Robin - 30+ around the hedgerows and gardens
Reed Bunting - 2 in the cauli's and 1 N
Yellowhammer - 1 N
Linnet - 15 on the wires
Goldfinch - 4/5 around the garden feeding station
Blackcap - 2 in the garden Elder

One of the decked Fieldfares - in a garden just to the south of ours.
I'm sure that there was more to be found, but I'd run out of time. Strange how I didn't record a single Chiffchaff, Goldcrest or Ring Ouzel? Still there's always tomorrow - the forecast for the whole week looks very promising.

Update at 13.00hrs:- Chaffinches and alba wags still moving in dribs and drabs plus a single Sky Lark N. I really don't understand how Sandwich Bay (to the south) have had so many Goldfinches, yet no Chaffinches; Reculver (to the west) haven't had any numbers either - all part of the mysterious world of avian migration, I guess?


  1. Wow! That's impressive Dyl. Bird observatory standard viz-mig from the garden...

    1. Steve, it is yet another demonstration of the enjoyment to be had by sticking to a local patch! I added Redpolls to the day list as I walked across to work - brilliant!
      All the best - Dyl

  2. I agree re. the local patch bit, Dylan

  3. Add this to the vismig info mix Dyl ... 06.50 - 08.30: 32 Chaffinch west over the west cliff and 08.30 - 13.00 20 (ish) more north over Country Park. There were 2390 Goldfinch over from both vantage points (same birds as Sandwich but I was out far longer I would assume?) also 220 Siskin, 158 Redpoll, 49 Greenfinch and 19 Xbills. It's just fascinating this lark innit? Lots of Thrushes (1500+) over the cliff top first thing ... more Ouzels at Pigswill today than Fieldfares mind you. Ciao hippy dude ...

  4. PS: Also 14 Brambling west cliff top first thing ... oop's forgot.

    PPs: You heard any Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan on lead guitar) yet? Give it a twirl ... it may well float your boat. Guthrie is a proper technician ... a lovely bloke too, Jensen Button with wig and a whammy bar ... give it a twirl on Tubeface.

    1. Phyllis, it really was a weird one, this morning. It is obvious that my Chaffinches were coming from a completely different point to the "coasting" Goldfinches that SBBOT and you were able to note. The other stuff might just be diluted counts as the birds move over Thanet in whichever direction they choose. I didn't record a single Redpoll until 13.30hrs, as I was walking across to work. Missing out completely on Chiffchaff (there have been up to twenty in the garden recently) Goldcrest and Ring Ouzel doesn't seem possible - but that's how it was today. Crossbills would be a nice patch year tick - they're nowhere close to annual at Newland's.
      As for the guitarist - no, never heard any of his stuff - will remedy this situation very shortly and give my considered opinion. Hoping all is well in deepest Pigswill - Dyl