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Saturday 24 October 2015

Success and beyond - a two part post

Saturday 24th October 2015 - 13.50 hrs

I've not set foot outside, as yet, but have been sorting out the kit ready for my final eel session of October 2015. There are many things that I have considered over the period, the braid v's wire (wire substitute) material has been high on the agenda. After just four weeks, there is no possible way that I can offer more than a "gut reaction" to this debate. But, for what it's worth, here's my slant on the subject.
Wire is for pike fishing - end of! It has no place in the eel angling situations that I am tackling. I liken this project to my very early days with catfish (1985 - onwards) when I was also told that the abrasive teeth of Wels would make short work of my hook link choices. I have never lost a cat, or eel, because of a bite off! I am not so arrogant as to say that this has never happened - but it hasn't happened to me, or the rest of the gang. With this knowledge, I am happy to continue with my version of the "combi-rig" tied using a high abrasion resistance braid and 12lbs b.s. Korda Sub-line. I'm off out again, this afternoon/evening, and have three rods kitted up. My chosen venue is the one where I took the 3lbs 6oz eel whilst I was carp fishing - I'm using three rods to ensure that my theories are given the fairest test that I can hope for. I have also added another variable, to the mix, I'm going to use "Bo Didley" (Squid) as a hook bait thanks to a tip in a comment by Darren Roberts.

Saturday 24th October 2015 - 22.35 hrs

Well I'm back and I've had a right result! Three bites, two fish landed, including my best ever eel by design. I had a superb fish of 3 lbs 1 oz on a squid section (cheers Darren!) and I also managed a rather dodgy photo, or two, of me posing with my catch - so a job well done.

This is the best I could do, under the circumstances. The first ever images of me with an eel!

There is so much I have to say about this project but, in order to give it proper thought, I will hang on for a day or two before voicing my opinion/conclusions. My spots were already known, and there has been a bit of bait going in for over a week. I remember listening to John Sidley speaking about a lengthy period of pre-baiting (on a Midland reservoir) before he was prepared to start a campaign. His enthusiasm was infectious, although it never rubbed off on me at the time - I have to admit that I did think of him whilst attempting to get my photo.
Was my good fortune down to this pre-baiting? I don't know, but feel that it couldn't have done my chances any harm. My pre-baiting efforts were little more than a scattering of sprat sections; today I plied my spots with a mix of ground bait, halibut oil, liquid predator attractor and squid & sprat freebies.

All these ingredients were purchased from the Ramsgate branch of Dragon Carp.
Sadly, I will no longer be able to do so - Mike Ashley has shut it down and wants to
replace it with some high end clothes outlet. Just what the
 Ramsgate populous were lacking? Must be why the local Woolworths was turned
into a Pound Shop and NUFC are in such great shape?
P.S. - To any pike anglers who are reading this stuff - get down to your local Tesco, they are selling fresh caught Cornish Sardines for £2/kilo and they're just the right size! I've got a freezer full.

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