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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Sunday 12 October 2014

At level three?

When, in the dim and distant past, Steve Gale alerted me to the memoirs of Luke Jennings - " Blood Knots" - little did I realise how much of an impact this simple book would make; as it mirrored (ran parallel) the reality of my own journey?  It remains a constant fixture on my bedside table and many are the nights that my last conscious thoughts are those of Luke Jennings. If you've not read this book then I suggest you do so asap - it is a wondrous story told by a very capable story teller. I truly hated school - Luke had far more reason, yet he came through the experience as a sound and well reasoned individual - much to his credit.
My reason for returning to this subject is the very simple observation that he makes about the stages of development that anglers (birders, pan-listers. twitchers, plane spotters, stamp collectors et. al,) pass through during their personal experiences of the hobby.

14.12 of Sandwich Coarse Fishery fun

The "Matt Hayes" No. 55 (I was born in 1955 and the ABU Cardinal 55 is my favourite reel) in
the company of the finest centre-pin ever produced (My Fred Crouch "Match Aerial)
If you are unable to obtain any pleasure from using this gear - then my heart bleeds for you!
Firstly it is all about catching fish, any fish of any species, size being of no consequence!
The second phase is far more pronounced and critical (if you are to progress to stage three!) - can I catch the biggest fish?
At stage three; the previous two levels have been dealt with and life is good. Yes, of course it's great to catch a big fish but, when all said and done, it is only a fish and the enjoyment must come from the methods and tactics that were employed to secure the prize!

The fact that most of the items, on display, are emblazoned with the CK logo, of Dragoncarp,
many opinions have already relegated my presence at the venue to the "Noddy" status
Long may it remain.
I've spent a while in the kitchen, today, making my first batch of boilies since 1984. They look pretty good, much better than I'd expected, but only a session at Sandwich will provide any answers. I promise that I'll do a cookery post before I start pike fishing in November. All will be revealed !
I sincerely hope that I've reached level three - those boilies are a very special link to a period of lunacy that will never be relived. Gadget and I are back down on Wednesday - so here's hoping.


  1. 'Blood Knots' - the book that keeps on giving! Hope all's well Dyl...

    1. Steve - Blood Knots certainly does that. A superbly crafted tale, dealing with the realities we all encounter; but in such a way as to be beyond us simple bloggers. Luke has been truly gifted in his ability to portray a moment in time, with the simple use of, well chosen, words (How I envy that gift!) Maybe if I'd spent more time at school learning, instead of wishing I was anywhere else but there - it could have been me?
      Life is good and I'm very much enjoying the Autumn, thus far! No shrikes and, to be honest I've not recorded Stonechat at Newland's, nor Redwing, Fieldfare or Ring Ouzel. It is only a matter of time. The weather over the next few days looks "interesting" - I'll await my time, for come it surely will!
      Hoping that you and yours are well (Loving the retro Dungeness stuff - shame you didn't feel the need for a camera during those wondrous times) Take it easy old mate - Dyl