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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sandwich session

Gadget and I were unloading the car at 07.30hrs, this morning; we had a few hours to waste and the carp of Sandwich Coarse Fishery were our target. We have a bait which we are very confident with, and the venue does provide a superb back-drop for any endeavours. The wind blew fiercely from the S-SW; gale force by mid-day, with associated rain so, naturally we opted for the NE corner where the wind was piling in.
Within an hour Gadget was into a small carp - things were looking very promising. I got done by a fish which snagged me, whilst I was attaching the back-lead to my other rod before I managed to land two, low, double figure Commons. Great fun, yet not what I'd expected given our choice of swims and prevailing conditions.That was it for our efforts - three fish, from four bites, all on our "secret bait". Nothing to Cell boilies, Spicy Pepperami or Robin Red pellets. It was certainly a struggle to stay confident, but we enjoyed our time at this superb venue. Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers were still patrolling the reeded margins and the local Rat population do a great job of cleaning up any spilt bait/food items - they are absolutely fearless! Common Buzzard and a trickle of Swallows provided a little more interest, with a Green Sandpiper calling out on the adjacent Ash Levels later in the day.

A pair of Duncan Kay rods, with ABU Cardinal 66X's perched upon an original
"Kevin Maddock's" rod-pod (complete with Gardner rod-rests and buzzer bars)
The alarms are digital Optonics, coupled with Tring (tench fishing) swing arm indicators.
I played around with the camera, for much of our time, and got images of the "vintage" gear that I call my carp angling kit! Enjoy.

How much more of a "tackle tart" can I become - I've even got matched RATS!

"X" marks the spot - all three bites came from this spot!
All three of my bites came off this spot - two more doubles in the bag!

My first fish - 10lbs 10oz

No. 2 - A chunky little Common of 13 lbs - Happy Daze!
Once again; many thanks to Kevin for the use of this wonderful fishery - how long will it take me to land a twenty?


  1. I be happy with them carp even it there a low double figures

    1. Mark
      This is the total opposite to my Barbel quest - easy, enjoyable fishing at a venue with a good vibe. I can't take it too seriously simply because it's a "Carp Puddle".
      Great fun, simple tactics and old tackle - what more could I want from my angling?
      All the best - Dyl