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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Apathy aplenty

I can't be arsed - and that about sums up my current position with all things "blog" related. It's not that I've lost any enthusiasm for my enjoyment of time in the outdoors; there have been some very pleasant encounters recently, as I've gone about my daily routine. I am simply struggling to find the desire to get a post composed - despite the fact that I habitually grab a few images of the events that I am privilege to witness.
The autumn migration has continued, Meadow Pipits and Chiffchaffs dominating my notes, although a smart juvenile/1st cy Common Buzzard caused a massive reaction from the local gulls and corvids as it drifted north, over Vine Close, at mid-day today. I can explain some of this - being due to my desire to research the advances in carp angling that have taken place in the 1993 - 2014 period. I have a plan (very much a personal challenge) to place a 20lbs+ carp on my un-hooking mat. It was 25th February 1984 when I last caught such a fish. I have given myself four weeks; at Sandwich Coarse Fishery, to achieve this and my efforts, recently, have been focused upon this project.
A Chiffchaff in our garden "Christmas Tree" - They have been a major
feature in the recent avian records around Newland's farm - even feeding out amongst the cauliflowers!
I am well aware that a "Carp Puddle" is no place to get too involved yet, due to the ease of access, it has enough potential to allow me to achieve this goal - without getting into the realms of the ridiculous?
I have to give great credit to a Youtube offering, by Carl and Alex - I'd provide a direct link if I had the slightest inkling into the workings of this cyber stuff. They have produced a superb film in which they recall their joint efforts involved in a campaign at a local park lake. They both ended up catching the largest carp present, at over 40lbs - it's fantastic viewing.
However, it is not the capture of the various carp that they landed but, instead, a piece of advice (wisdom) offered by their father (a non-angler). Carl and Alex are just young guys - the generation between Benno and Emily? Mid/late teens - early 20's; so it would follow that this advice is from a guy younger than myself?
What could possibly be so profound?

A Shimano "Speed Master" 5000 - an extremely rare early import.
I am the custodian of a pair these splendid reels - but they are not
all they're cracked up to be? Big spools and open bale arms - not a requirement
at a commercial "carp puddle"
I'm unable to make an accurate quote - but it went something like this - "If you are doing the same as every other angler at the venue - why do you think that your results should be be any better than the average?" Incredibly simple - superbly relevant to the "limbo" that  I find myself in. If all I am prepared to do is turn up and fish with a "Cell" boillie - why should I expect to be rewarded for this approach?

The feature is obvious. The major problem at a commercial fishery is that this is the
focal point for anglers from several other swims.
Carp, in these situations, get clever very quickly - especially the big ones!
I've already been given a massive lesson - my choice of bite indicators being responsible for a lost fish.
I have established that the particle approach has the potential to produce the result I desire; the youtube exploration has provided the bait I require - I'm confident that no-one else will have used it at Sandwich Coarse Fishery. It's cheap, and I can introduce it using a catapult.
The project has a very short "life - span" ; if I've not managed my target by November then the pike of the RMC will take priority. It is a nice to have - not a must have (Factory speak!)
The only other issue that has occurred is that of the "importance" of submitting records! How much longer will it take before I am able to simply be allowed to enjoy the wonders of my surroundings without the harassment of "outsiders" insisting that I conform - send in records.
The latest intrusion has come, via my comments facility: Stuart (BWARS - Chairman) has requested my records of Ivy Bee. I'm sure that he's a top geezer - but when will these "officious cunts" allow me to simply do what I do without the requirement to join in?  I have no desire to be part of a system that is alien to my own. I certainly have no desire to be famous, therefore have no need to see my name up in lights.
I have published Stuart's comment - but will refrain from a reply (He probably has no idea of the history?)

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