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Monday 20 October 2014

Lull before the storm?

It's a glorious day here, in downtown West Dumpton, the sun is shining brightly from an azure sky! My morning stroll to the local shop allowed me to peruse the headlines in the National (Scandal Rags) Daily Tabloids - "Woe is me" - doom and gloom abound as the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo is predicted to cause widespread mayhem across our green and pleasant land.
The Flint Barn, as seen from the kitchen doorway. 07.10.2014
I'm not overly concerned by these predictions - papers are unable to sell good news, thus require these sensationalised stories in order to grab the attention of anyone gullible enough to believe this crap! Yep; we may well experience some stormy conditions, tomorrow; the end of the world it won't be!
I spent a while, out in the back garden, just enjoying the sunshine and seeing what I could find. Rooks continue to feature prominently, several individuals moving northwards during my session. I'd discovered a Firecrest in a garden, along the Prestedge Avenue footpath and there was a Stonechat out in the cauliflowers, so something was going on. A couple of Chiffchaffs were fly-catching around the buddlieas and I watched the first Goldfinch, for a long time, on the garden sunflower feeder.

The Flint Barn today - bathed in glorious autumnal sunlight
Three Sparrowhawks passed overhead, it is difficult to know if they are genuine migrants or simply local birds moving between feeding areas?  Work beckons - will I be able to make it back home once the onset of Gonzalo has hit?

Sparrowhawk - right over the bungalow. Migrant? - who knows!

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