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Tuesday 23 September 2014

More Newland's news

The weather can only be described as changeable and, with it, the Autumn bird migration has been rather fragmented. Swallows have started to move in decent numbers, as have Meadow Pipits. In the garden, this morning, I recorded the first Goldcrest since last winter, two Blackcap, four/five Chiffchaffs and a couple of flyover "alba" Wagtails. A quick stroll around the farm revealed many more Chiffchaffs and Meadow Pipits plus a number of Robins - some decked in the cauliflowers. A lone Golden Plover did a circuit before deciding that Pegwell was a better choice and the second Goldcrest of the morning was in the, ivy clad, sycamores beside the "White House".

Ivy is a very widespread plant in the hedgerows around Newland's Farm and, unsurprisingly, Ivy Bees (Colletes hederae) are by far the most numerous insect around the area. I'd only discovered this species in 2011 - very numerous along the coastal path between Pegwell Village and Little Cliffs End Farm. Obviously overlooked, I was quickly able to confirm its' presence locally when I checked the ivy that grows at the end of Vine Close. It is now a regular garden visitor - such is the unkempt nature of our garden!

My only other sightings, which are rather confusing within a local perspective, concern the Jay activity. They are very conspicuous around the area, at present, with odd groups (up to five birds) moving westwards. They appear to be dropping down around the mature trees which surround St. Luke's playing field and the main farm buildings; so I assume these are feeding movements. I noticed that Margate Cemetery haven't recorded any movements thus far, although both Sandwich Bay and Reculver have - all very strange?

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  1. Hi Dylan

    As part of my work as Chairman of BWARS, I am gathering together all the records of Colletes hederae in UK. This is a long term surveillance effort and we would be really grateful if you could submit your record[s] to us at http://www.bwars.com/index.php?q=content/submit-sighting-colletes-hederae-ivy-bee

    Many thanks, Stuart
    Chairman, BWARS